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An Account For You at Agri Credit

Have you heard about the new Agri Credit campaign in cooperation with one of the most popular Polish artists – David Olrose? Excellently! Refreshing the bank’s image is just the first step. Another is to introduce Accounts for you in the offer. Check the details of the new personal bill.

An account for you is a completely new offer of Credit Agircole. Account holders can use BLIK payments, a multi-currency card or an insurance package. I have analyzed the bank’s new offer and I will gladly present it to you. I invite you to read.


Who is the new Agri Credit account for?

Credit loan

An account for you is a product available in several variants. Why? In this way, the bank wants to best adapt to the needs of various customer groups. I offer four products:

  • An account for you Go for teens aged 13-18
  • An account for you MOVE for youth from 18 to 27 years old
  • A VIP account for you with a VIP status
  • An account for you (flagship product) for anyone over 18 years of age


Basic account fees for you

Basic account fees for you

Keeping an account, using the card, or withdrawals from all ATMs in Poland will be free if you meet simple conditions depending on the account option you choose, and they are presented in the table below.

How much will you pay for the account if you do not meet the above conditions? You will pay 7 PLN per month for the standard Account option , and 9 PLN for using the card. If you work, ensuring monthly receipts of PLN 1,000 and making at least 1 card payment should not be a problem for you. In addition, you will be able to withdraw cash completely from all ATMs in the country for free.


What can you gain with an Account for you?

What can you gain with an Account for you?

Yes of course! Existing customers who want to take advantage of the Account for You offer and convert their current account can do so completely for free. All you have to do is submit a relevant instruction to the bank.

In the promotional offer, the bank prepared the following bonuses:

  • If you transfer your account from another bank with a monthly salary, you can get up to PLN 200 bonus.
  • If you use the Account for you to pay bills, e.g. for water, electricity or gas, you can receive up to PLN 300 reimbursement of bills (within 12 months, maximum 5% of the invoice value).
  • If you decide to save with CAsaver , your maximum bonus can be up to PLN 300.


Additional possibilities along with an Account for you

credit account

Do you want to take advantage of the new Agri Credit offer? Check what the bank offers with your account.

Multi-currency card

You can use one card for the account in PLN and foreign currency accounts. You will not incur currency conversion costs for payments worldwide in zlotys, dollars, pounds or euros.

Insurance Package

If you want to protect yourself against damage to the phone display, loss of keys, or be able to take advantage of home doctor visits, you can choose the Help insurance package for you. You will be able to use it for free for the first 6 months.

The possibility of using a savings account with an attractive interest rate

Together with the Account for You, you can use the Savings account and gain up to 3% per annum.

BLIK payments and Express Elixir instant transfers

It’s a great solution if you need to pay quickly for purchases or transfer money.

It is worth noting that both functions are new to the bank’s customers. Finally, the increasingly popular BLIK payment method is also available at Agri Credit. Instant transfers were the second unavailable option for Agri Credit banking users . Currently they are free only for VIP clients, and for other clients the fee is 7 PLN.


An account for you – is it worth it?

credit account

The new Agri Credit account is distinguished primarily by the fact that it responds to the needs of various customer groups. Although it is not unconditionally free, but to pay nothing for the basic functions of the card and account, you do not have to meet complicated conditions. If you are looking for an account for yourself – see the new Agri Credit product.

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