Bainbridge Jazz & Blues Festival returns in February – The Post-Searchlight

American and Southern Philosophy Brewing is delighted to announce that they will be hosting the Bainbridge Jazz and Blues Festival on February 5, 2022 in downtown Bainbridge.

Tyler Thomas of The American said he was thrilled to host again.

“I think our first year we had between 1,400 and 1,500 people, and I think this year will be even bigger,” he said.

Thomas said Southern Philosophy’s Gallagher Dempsey worked with the state Department of Transportation and the city locally to close the streets surrounding the plaza, so the festival could add even more stages.

“Now we have three outdoor stages that will be divided, so anyone who feels uncomfortable around large crowds can social distance,” Thomas said.

The stages will be set up between the Bean and the Firehouse Arts Gallery, at the Hook and Ladder and the main stage will be between The American and Southern Philosophy.

There will also be a small scene in The American and another small scene in Southern Philosophy’s beer garden.

Performers will include Dirty Bird & The Flu, Johnnie Marshall Band, Jontavious Willis, Longineu Parsons, Revival Richie Summa Trio, Dabbit Quartet, Reese Cloud Quartet, Steve Fryson Quartet, Rachel Hillman, Frankie Lee’s Blues Mission and the Ben Flouronoy Band.

“Jontavious is from Atlanta,” Thomas said. “He’s big on the Nashville scene and played with the Taj Mahal.”

Thomas went on to say that Longineu Parsons has a similar Louis Armstrong feel that he thinks listeners will enjoy, with the Johnnie Marshall Band being a favorite at the first festival.

“We want it to give off a sort of homey jazz and blues feel,” Thomas said.

The Festival will start at noon with free admission. However, those interested can purchase a $75 all-inclusive VIP ticket that will include premium wines, St. Louis-style ribs, slow-smoked pork butt from The American, and craft beer and wood-fired pizzas from Southern Philosophy Brewing.

Tickets can be purchased on by searching for the date or Bainbridge Jazz and Blues Festival.

“We think it’s going to be really cool and fun,” Thomas said.

One of the fun opportunities at the festival will be a virtual shooting contest hosted by Taurus.

“There will be a tent set up on Broughton Street and people can shoot a gun, which is actually a laser and it will track where you fired,” Thomas said. “It will basically be like a big hunter type game.”

Whoever has the highest score, will win a Taurus prize.

An exhibition of sketchbook pin-up girl art will also be on display at the Firehouse Arts Gallery.

Thomas would like to thank their sponsors: Taurus, First Port City Bank, Danimer Scientific, Scoops, the Firehouse Arts Center, Dixie Dandy, Good Morning Bainbridge, Sio’s, Apex South Inspections, A-1 Industries and Elysian Tea Emporium. He said that without them it would not be possible.

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