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Cheap loans Switzerland

Low-cost loans Switzerland

Low-cost loans Switzerland

Debt repayment: Take out a loan at a favorable repayment rate at low interest rates: The online loan comparison for Switzerland with the professional for cheap credit comparisons. Special loan without credit bureau; no credit bureau request, no credit bureau entry!

Cheap Swiss Online Loans for Lower Interest Rates

Cheap Swiss Online Loans for Lower Interest Rates

More and more investors and debtors rely on crowd lending platforms when lending. The quest for returns is increasingly driving institutional clients into new and unusual investment opportunities – including crowdfunding. It is a platform that finances consumer and corporate loans through lenders and promises them a mid-single-digit return. Most of the Swiss crowdlending platforms were built in the last two years and are supported by fintech start-ups.

Their task is to combat the high margin of credit institutions. On the one hand, borrowers with lower interest rates should benefit from it, on the other hand, they should give investors the chance to invest in loans and thus generate interest. In plain language this means that the investor can choose from the various loan platforms in which he invests.

Depending on the creditworthiness of the debtors, the expected interest rate is between 2 and 10%. Although several thousand loans have been granted, none of the platforms has yet defaulted on payments.

Loans in Switzerland – our guide to 2018

Loans in Switzerland - our guide to 2018

The low interest rate continues. That’s why many consumers are wondering if this is the time to borrow. Above all, the key interest rate has a central influence on the current interest on loans. It is not foreseeable when it will happen.

That is why even the smallest movements of the responsible players are now meeting with great media interest. Loans like the one on this website are currently very cheap. Consumers have the advantage that external financing costs are significantly lower compared to years ago. The difference is greater, the larger the loan amount.

â € œWho has decided in these days for a construction financing, thus has an additional saving compared to the past years on his side. But also the builder can be happy. Rather, it makes sense to look back as a borrower in the past. The fixed-rate instrument ensures that the lender does not increase the interest payments made during the current contract.

Therefore, the initial additional costs are quite acceptable. Especially with longer maturities and large loan amounts, this is a significant additional benefit for the borrower. Traditional bank balances are currently no longer able to generate attractive returns. More and more Swiss citizens have therefore decided to go public and take on an increased financial risk.

On the other hand, it could soon be possible to achieve a significant increase in value with a classic. It therefore seems sensible to take a closer look at market movements. For that very reason, a careful and sensitive approach is of utmost importance.

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