Doris Duke Artists Awards 2021 include top jazz musicians


The 2021 Doris Duke artists will each receive a prize of $ 275,000 intended to invest in their artistic potential and to celebrate their continuing contributions to the fields of contemporary dance, jazz and theater.

The nation’s largest award given to people in the performing arts, the award includes $ 250,000 in unrestricted funding and an additional $ 25,000 dedicated to encouraging savings for retirement – something jazz musicians rarely achieve. .

Best of all, the funds are not tied to specific projects, but are available to grantees to use in the way they determine who will best support their ability to create and thrive.

Pianist and composer Kris davis; pianist, composer and founder of the Panama Jazz Festival Danilo Perez; and saxophonist, composer and graphic novelist Wayne shorter are the 2021 Doris Duke jazz artists.

“Art is the antidote to the crisis. These exemplary artists demonstrate that a period of unprecedented disruption in the arts and in society cannot quell the power of great art to persevere, ”said Sam Gill, President and CEO of the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

Maurine Knighton, Program Director for the Arts at the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, said: “Knowing that these performing artists excel in their forms, we recognize that they deserve funding that they trust in determining how best to invest in them. their own future. These awards are meant to give artists the freedom to create the way artists are meant to create: freely, organically, and without restrictions. “

Overall, the Doris Duke Artist Awards program has provided more than $ 35.4 million in funding to 129 artists since the program began in 2012. Former Doris Duke artists have used the funding for a wide range of needs – including creative research, exploration and study, mortgages for personal and professional spaces, travel and / or dining time, childcare, health care costs and creating a net financial security, among many other personal and professional uses.

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