Festival Preview: 5 Must-See Outer Lands Artists – DRAMA, mxmtoon, Remi Wolf



Arguably one of America’s biggest music festivals, Outside Lands returns to Golden Gate Park this weekend for the first time in over two years. On the cusp of an eclectic all-star music lineup, the roster includes headliners such as Lizzo, Tame Impala, The Strokes and RÃœFÃœS DU SOL. Since 2008, Outside Lands has firmly established itself as a premier location to discover new musical talent, and this year’s lineup is no exception. Read on for a look at some of this year’s musical gems. The Sutro Stage and Soma Tents are great places to discover new talent at Outside Lands 2021.

Remi Wolf puts his colorful personality and music on full display

1. Rémi Loup

Remi Wolf is a good reason to get to Outside Lands early tomorrow. Leave your tray at 2:40 p.m. in the afternoon. The young Los Angeles-based artist is best known for her colorful personality and singular pop style that playfully interweaves experimental electronics, disco, funk, left field and lo-fi chamber pop. Releasing a constant stream of tracks over the past two years, Remi has caused a stir on his ultra-vibrant debut EP You are a dog. She then made her major debut with 2020’s I am allergic to dogs! American Idol competitor in 2014, Remi’s soulful voice and unique personality help him carve out his own way. His most recent album Juno was released two weeks ago.


DRAME (the duo)


This year, the DRAMA duo, based in Chicago, composed of producer Na’el Shehade and singer / songwriter Via Rosa (Lluvia Rosa Vela), will make their Outside Lands debuts. Featuring two sets, one with Melissa King on the Gastromagic stage at 2:10 p.m. and an extended one on the Sutro stage at 5:20 p.m., get ready to dance. Na’el Shehade’s beats make a perfect distinction between R&B and dance. As a duo, their music effortlessly merges pop, hip-hop, jazz, bossa nova and electronic genres. Accentuated by Via Rosa’s soulful and sweet voice, DRAMA will leave fans in a state of hypnotic reverie as they dance the day away and the sun sets.

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3. Cloned



Saturday afternoon and night is a great time to dance to Outside Lands. DJ and house music producer Cloonee, real name Dave Bissett, joins the Saturday dance music lineup. Quickly gaining support from industry-leading labels such as Big Beat and top trendsetters since its debut in 2017, Cloonee has left its mark on the electronic music industry. A regular on the Beatport Top Ten, Bissett continues to impress with every subsequent release. Make sure you don’t miss his 90-minute set at 5:15 p.m. in the Soma tent on Saturday night as it opens for Walker & Royce.

4. Gothic baby

Goth Babe is a great reason to head to Outside Lands early on Sunday. The talented young artist, real name Griffin Washburn, is best known for his unconventional lifestyle and unique musical sound. Often living in his Ford F-250 with his dog Sadie, Washburn’s music is often described as “raw”, “surf” and “garage”. Before the pandemic, he wrote, recorded and produced his own tracks in his truck and camper van as he traveled across the United States live. Teaming up with Louis the Child on the 2021 single “Encinitas”, his live performance has been described as compelling and authentic.


Bay Area solo artist mxmtoon (Maia) is the true definition of a DIY artist. The ukulele player and singer released her first EP herself Plum blossom after recording it on a laptop in his parents’ guest room. The EP continued to collect over 100 million streams. Masterful songwriter, mxmtoon’s honest lyrics offer listeners a powerful look into his daily life. mxmtoon will help kick off the Outside Lands Sunday lineup with its 4:25 pm set on the Sutro stage.

For more information and details, visit the Official Outer Lands website. Outside Lands kicks off today, October 29, and runs through Sunday, October 31 at Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.


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