Golden Triangle artists and artistic groups receive grants


The Columbus Arts Council, the Magnolia Independent Film Festival, and several arts groups affiliated with Mississippi State University are among the organizations and artists that have recently received grants from the Mississippi Arts Commission.

The state agency announced Wednesday that 23 RESCUE ARP grants and 51 mini-grants have been awarded to artists and organizations across the state.

The RESCUE grants awarded were part of MAC’s second round of funding dedicated to helping Mississippi’s arts sector during the continuing economic impacts of COVID-19. The RESCUE grants were made possible through US Rescue Plan funding allocated to the National Endowment for the Arts. MAC also awarded mini-grants to eight organizations and 43 individual artists in the state.

“Congratulations to each of these deserving grant recipients,” said Sarah Story, executive director of the Mississippi Arts Commission. “We are very grateful to the President, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Mississippi State Legislature for this important grant that will help lighten the state’s arts sector and allow artists and arts organizations to develop new ideas and projects that add to creativity. culture of our state.

The NEA has allocated 40 percent of the funding received from the American Rescue Plan Act to state, jurisdictional, and regional arts organizations. To distribute the portion of the ARP funding received from the NEA, the Mississippi Arts Commission created the ARP COVID Relief Grant and the RESCUE Grants. 501c3 arts-based organizations with eligible expenses, such as salaries, rent, and utilities, may apply for RESCUE grants.

The MAC mini-grant program is offered several times a year to organizations and individual artists to help them develop their skills and build their capacities. The Artist Mini-Grants program offers up to $ 500 in reimbursed funds to pursue artistic training, support promotional and marketing efforts, or purchase eligible art supplies. Mini Grants for Organizations are matching grants designed to support the professional development and capacity building activities of arts organizations and to provide Mississippi nonprofits, schools and other government units with ‘hire professional artists.

The Mississippi Arts Commission has awarded $ 1.4 million in funding to artists and arts programs across the state for fiscal year 2022. Recipients will benefit in several ways, such as supporting museum operations and community art centers, arts integration and guest artist presentations in schools, and continuing education and supplies for working artists. Below is a list of grants awarded for fiscal year 2022, which runs from July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022.

Individual artist scholarship recipients
â–  Julia Mortyakova, chair of the University of Mississippi Women’s Music Department, will receive $ 5,000 for a performing arts scholarship, piano.
â–  Sophie Glenn, who teaches in the State of Mississippi as a visiting assistant professor, will receive $ 5,000 for a scholarship in visual arts, sculpture.
â–  TK Lee, who teaches at the University of Mississippi for Women, will receive $ 5,000 for a literary artist, playwright scholarship.

Organizations receiving operating grants
â–  The Columbus Arts Council will receive $ 24,000.
â–  The Starkville Community Theater will receive $ 16,000.

Mini-organizational project grants
â–  The Magnolia Independent Film Festival, based in Starkville, will receive $ 4,750 to help present the festival.
â–  The University of Mississippi for Women will receive $ 4,000 to help host the annual Music by Women festival.
â–  Mississippi State University Libraries will receive $ 4,500 to help present the Charles H. Templeton Ragtime Jazz Festival.
â–  The MSU Foundation, seeking the benefit of the Starkville-MSU Symphony Children’s Programs, will receive $ 4,000 to help present a children’s orchestral concert program.
â–  Tennessee Williams Tribute will receive $ 4,500 to support the Tennessee Williams Tribute Festival.
â–  MSU Theater will receive $ 4,500 to help support the creation and performance of an original theatrical production.


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