how this exhibition featuring 55 artists inspires, transforms and heals

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Karnataka Chitakala Parishath recently hosted the exhibition Resilience, featuring the works of over 55 artists from Karnataka. See our coverage of previous exhibitions: Chitra Santhe, Moghi’s Tales, Team Yuva Collective, Aadipaaya and Print India Biennale.

The exhibition was organized by Krishna Setty CS, former president of Lalit Kala Akademi. “For two years, the pandemic has negatively affected artists. But the artist community has shown resilience and the public is showing their support by attending exhibitions,” says Krishna, in a conversation with Your story.

He is satisfied with the feedback the exhibition has received. Some of the artworks were priced at Rs 15,000 to Rs 60 lakh.

“Art has a leading role in society. It combines expression, exploration and duty to society,” explains Shah dimple, a multi-disciplinary artist based in Bengaluru who has been practicing art for 22 years.

She has participated in numerous biennial exhibitions and won prizes such as the Commonwealth International Arts and Crafts Award. She has worked in artist residencies in the UK, India and Nigeria.

Dimple studied at MS University in Baroda. Her artistic practice spans painting, printmaking, installation and performance art.

“The meaning and crucial function of contemporary art are to bring out the socio-political and psychological aspects of society,” she adds. Other themes are ecological, humanitarian and socio-cultural concerns.

For the Resilience exhibition, she presented her work titled A song for the future. “The image is a metaphor for today, where you see the bleak future but still celebrate the moment,” Dimple says.

“It’s a surreal approach of a traveler in a picturesque setting of a garden with lush green trees. There is a young child wearing a bird on his head, with a mask connected to a small built-in echo system to survive,” she describes.

Dimple Shah

“It is the usual tendency of humans to try to find happiness in any adverse situation. In the process, we forgot to correct our mistakes and accustomed to given living conditions. Painting criticizes this attitude and this aspect of society,” she adds.

The transformative experience of art helps achieve catharsis and healing for both the artist and the community. “An artist’s success comes from exploring the true path, reaching people and transforming their lives,” Dimple concludes.

Now what have you done today to take a break from your busy schedule and find new avenues to apply your creativity?

Krishna Setty CS

(All photographs in the exhibition were taken by Madanmohan Rao on site during the exhibition.)

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Edited by Teja Lele Desai

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