Illinois extends health coverage to undocumented immigrants 42 and older

Illinois Department of Health and Family Services Expands Adult Immigrant Health Benefits Program to Now Provide Health Coverage to Undocumented Immigrant Adults and Select Lawful Permanent Residents Age 42 and Older .

Building on the first national immigrant senior health benefit program, Illinois in March launched the Immigrant Adult Health Benefit Program for eligible people ages 55 to 64.

The Illinois General Assembly authorized the expansion to include people ages 42 and older as part of omnibus Medicaid legislation this spring that Governor JB Pritzker signed into law in May, according to a Thursday statement. Eligible individuals between the ages of 42 and 54 will be eligible for services under the Adult Immigrant Health Benefits program, beginning July 1, 2022.

Illinois Governor JB Pritzker

“From day one of my administration, fairness has been — and always will be — our North Star,” Governor Pritzker said in the statement. “Everyone, regardless of documentation status, deserves access to holistic healthcare coverage. I am proud to expand the Health Benefits for Immigrant Adults program to include more Illinoisans in need of care. We lead the nation in health equity, creating a healthier, happier Illinois.

Covered services include doctor and hospital visits, laboratory tests, physical and occupational therapy, mental health, addiction treatment services, dental and vision services, and prescription drugs.

The expansion of the Health Benefits for Immigrant Adults program builds on the success of the Health Benefits for Immigrant Seniors program, which since December 2020 has offered Medicaid-like benefits to eligible adult immigrants age 65 and older.

“We strive every day to make the Illinois health care system as fair as possible,” said Theresa Eagleson, director of the Illinois Department of Health and Family Services. “I am proud that Illinois has been a national leader in providing health care coverage to adult immigrants, and HFS will continue to do everything possible to break down barriers so that all Illinois can access services. high quality health care.”

Individuals are eligible for coverage through the Adult Immigrant Health Benefits program if they meet the following conditions:

  • They are between 42 and 64 years old.
  • They are a resident of Illinois.
  • This is either an undocumented immigrant or a lawful permanent resident of the United States for less than five years.
  • The annual household income is equal to or less than $18,754 for one person or $25,268 for two people. The income limit is equal to the ACA Adult program.
  • Individuals can apply for new benefits at any time using the following methods:
  • Online at
  • By calling the ABE Customer Call Center at 1-800-843-6154
  • By contacting a community service agency for help applying in 59 languages
  • By post using the online paper application, or by requesting a paper application via the ABE Customer Call Center.

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