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Loans without payroll 2019.

Post Italian Loans Loans

Post Italian Loans Loans

Many sites that talk about loans without pay, regularly include the solutions offered by Post Italian Loans:

But is it really so?

We have carefully analyzed the offers and found that …

For small loans,
those most easily disbursed,
Post Italian Loans proposes the Fostal small Loan

Bank Small Loan

Bank Small Loan

The Fostal small Loan is a small loan, from 1,000 to 3,000 USD, repayable in 22 monthly installments, credited directly to the Post pay Evolution credit card.

The Post pay Evolution card has an associated IBAN code, so it allows you to carry out typical current account transactions, in particular to dispose of and receive bank transfers.

The Fostal small Loan can be requested by going directly to an Italian Post Office.

It all sounds very easy, doesn’t it?

By carefully reading the requirements for the provision of this loan from the Italian Post Office, it turns out that the following documents are required:

  • A valid identity document.
  • The Health Card with the Tax Code.
  • An income document, not better specified.

A pay slip is not explicitly requested, but a more generic “income document” (to make you understand, another product, “Fostal Bank”, in the required documentation, explicitly specifies a copy of the last pay slip – which is different from “income document”).

It would therefore seem that this product, while a priori excluding the absence of an income, opens the possibility to obtain a loan even without pay, as commonly understood,
in favor of a less stringent proof of income than that of a permanent employee, ie including those less stable forms of employment typical of these times.

Special cash Post pay

Special cash Post pay

This offer by Post Italian Loans has been suspended and replaced by the Bank small Loan seen above which has increased the payable credit, previously limited from 750 USD to 1,500 USD, and also the repayment duration, from 15 months to the 22 months mentioned.

It must be said that many of these informative sites present the Specialcash Post pay as the solution for those without payroll, suggesting that no income document is required: something that is not true since the Specialcash also required documents to accept the loan application also an income document.

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