Megan Thee Stallions Media Slams for Lanez Hearing Curators

Since the July 2020 incident in which Tory Lanez allegedly shot Megan thee Stallion in the foot after an argument, the two have used social media, songs and even (in Lanez’s case) an album to air from their side of different story.

That was also the case in the hours following Lanez’s preliminary hearing on Tuesday, where a judge upheld both assault charges against the rapper and ordered him back to court on Jan. 13.

Lanez, who shook his head and at one point complained loudly during the hearing (and was shushed by the judge and his attorney), echoed his remark in court via Twitter shortly after the hearing ended.

“NAH…i need someone to REPORT what was really said in court today, 45 minutes of my attorney stating conflicting evidence that proves my innocence should never come back as a forced false story to the media.” »

Megan, as she has repeatedly in the months since the incident, rang off in response Wednesday.

“As I shot it and the focus of some titles are these kicked back I was attacked with a wepon [sic] While I unarmed and trying to paint like a catfight between friends,” she wrote. “Why do I have to live with everyone on the Internet every day? And y’all look at me Gaslight.”

She continued, singling out the media. “Don’t blogs/journalists need to have accurate/credible sources before going with a story?,” she wrote. “Or is it just like a new I got paid to write this or I heard coming out of my girl-at-home type politics these days. »

It’s unclear what media points she was referring to, as the majority of mainstream coverage focused on a police officer’s statement during the hearing that Megan Lanez told her had shouted “Dance, bitch!” before shooting at his feet that night.

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