Observation, originality, practice – creative advice from the artists of the Soulful Strokes exhibition

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Recently hosted at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath in Bangalore, the Moving strokes exhibition showcased the paintings of 52 artists from 12 states across India (see Part I of our coverage here).

The exhibition was curated by Barnali Ray, founder of the Kalashristi group. The works of art were priced at Rs 3,000 upwards, to make them more accessible to the general public.

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the Moving strokes range of artists includes Sheetal Samodia, Naresh Kumar Pallati, Sanghamitra Saha, Sabitha Raja, Bharati Kar, Sunita Bolloju, R Sanjay Kumar, Gayathri Kanéquencehy and others.

Artist perspectives

Exhibitors share a number of tips for aspiring artists, ranging from originality to practicality.

“Keep painting in your own style and also try to find potential buyers, ”explains artist-educator Barnali Ray, in a conversation with Your story.

His art group Kalashristi has already hosted two group exhibitions. She also teaches offline and online courses at Shree Radha Academy of Arts in Bangalore.

“To be successful in the arts, we need three basic ingredients: observe, perceive and practice. Start looking at objects like you’ve never seen them before, ”adds the engineer-artist. Manoj Swain.

Role of the public

The public plays a key role in the art ecosystem as audiences, buyers and investors, as the artists describe it.

“Please appreciate the effort the artist puts in the painting. It’s not just energy and time, but emotions and feelings, ”advises Manoj.

“Don’t think of a work of art as a simple wall hanging. Remember, you aren’t just looking or buying a painting. In fact, you see the emotion of an artist, ”he emphasizes.

“Please visit art exhibitions and galleries and observe the magical creations. Support art and artists, ”suggests Manoj.

Barnali’s ray

“A work of art in your wall more precious than gold ornaments. You can feel, love, and meditate on a painting. It can ease your pain and bring tremendous joy to your life, ”says Barnali.

“Love art, help artists by buying their works. Each work is a poem written with colors and brushstrokes. It’s a snapshot of beautiful moments to cherish forever, concludes Barnali.

Now what have you done today to take a break from your busy schedule and find new avenues for your creative core?

Alka Gajraj

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