Santa Monica Playhouse’s Free Binge Fringe Festival Hosts the U.S. Premiere of FLY ME TO LA, October 27

The international selection of Santa Monica Playhouse’s seventh annual BFF, aka The BINGE Fringe Festival of Free Theatre, the U.S. premiere “Fly Me to LA,” opens Thursday, October 27 for three performances from October 27-29, 2022.

Giuseppe L. Bonifati and Maestro Claudio Passilongo, a duo with exceptional artistic synergy, are flying around the world with a new show-concert. This show includes a repertoire of international classics, with notes of boleros, jazz and bossa nova, and evokes several great musical icons and successes of the past. They will fly the public from Denmark to Italy, Spain, France, then to Latin America, Asia, the United States, entertaining the spectators with a beautiful musical evening full of elegance, full of surprises and interactions.

Presented by the performing arts group DOO (IT) / Det Flyvende Teater (DK) in collaboration with the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles. The concert is part of a larger ‘low and high altitude’ pilot project of the new Flying Theater in Billund (in co-production with performing arts group DOO), home to Denmark’s second busiest international airport and it be performed also in airport spaces, offering an exceptional experience, optimism and faith in a new era, after the long period of isolation and confinement of the performing arts group DOO – acronym for Divano Occidentale Orientale (name borrowed from the famous collection of poems West-East Divan by W. Goethe), was founded in January 2010 by Giuseppe L. Bonifati. Linda Sugataghy (HU) joined in 2013. DOO’s artistic project began in Italy and northern Europe (Denmark), and above all from the desire to create and produce contemporary art through research depth, offering it to young people and adults. DOO stands for VISION, AESTHETICS, ACTION. It is a large-scale project, a continuous journey across geographical boundaries. From the beginning our main concern has been one: how to deal with the unconscious and the unknown through art?

This special international presentation of the BFF – Binge Fringe Free Festival of Theatre, “Fly Me To LA” is performed for three nights only Thursday through Saturday October 27-29, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. Admission is free, but reservations are required. Book online®id=9& or call 310-394-9779 x1 Santa Monica Playhouse is at 1211 4th Street (in the heart of downtown Santa Monica, the BFF is sponsored in part by grants from the City of Santa Monica and the Santa Monica Arts Commission , Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors through the Los Angeles County Arts Commission and Playhouse PALS.

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