Southwestern artists Gub and KAYLAT release new track ‘Slow’ | The standard

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A SOUTH-WEST musical collaboration sees the release of the oozy and feel-good RnB track Slow. Out tomorrow, Slow is the latest from Warrnambool artist Gub and Port Fairy rapper KAYLAT. It’s the first release from Gub, Liam Gubbins’ solo project, since his 2020 debut EP. “We teamed up remotely and I produced it from home,” Gubbins said. “It was something that happened very organically and very quickly. It was a really fun process.” Now based in Melbourne, Gubbins is a producer and multi-instrumentalist who studies jazz at the University of Melbourne. With his mother Marcia Howard and uncles Shane and Damian Howard being part of the iconic Australian rock band Goanna, music was always at the center of everyday life growing up. From an early age he was heavily involved into music in the South West, playing in several bands and studying music through Emmanuel College Gubbins is now a DJ around Melbourne and the Victoria area, and records and produces for himself and other sound artists future studio in Yambuk.”I’m really excited to have some space there where I can check in and possibly other people as well,” Gubbins said. “I think it would be great to have a space where I can do my thing, then s bring in groups and others. “I really want to have a space in the South West. For me, having my home base is really important because I love the area so much and it has so much to offer and so much potential.” Gubbins have been working on a new live set pushing conventional boundaries in an eclectic multi-instrumental mix blurring the lines between alternative, RnB and electronica. He joins a growing number of artists whose live events have been canceled due to COVID-19, including the highly anticipated Tracks festival scheduled for Warrnambool last weekend. “Some of the biggest gigs of my career so far have been canceled,” he said. “But I’m sure there will be many more. It’s been good for writing and recording, I’ve had a lot of opportunities to be home working on new material, so it’s the silver lining.” Slow will be available on all streaming platforms, Soundcloud and Bandcamp on January 14.



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