Space Coast Music Festival schedules announced for Eau Gallie events


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On Wednesday, 96 musical acts were scheduled to perform at the upcoming Space Coast Music Festival and its preparatory event on seven stages on November 6 in downtown Eau Gallie.

“There is a lot of excitement,” said Steven Spencer, co-organizer of the festival. He sings in the punk-metal band Sixty Foot Giant, which is scheduled to perform at 4:40 p.m. at the Eau Gallie Square Bandshell.

“By adding this extra scene, the bands are really excited that there are more opportunities to show what they have. We plan to have a tent where groups can also sell merchandise, ”Spencer said.

“Some of them are even putting together some visual aspects of what they have because they’re going to have a good crowd. They’re really looking to create more of a show, rather than people just walking into a bar and listening to music, ”he said.

The Space Coast Music Festival takes place on November 6 and admission is free. Jazz singer-songwriter Kristen Warren and a group of stars will headline the event.

Fleagad Market will feature a variety of vendors, and the festival will also feature food trucks, artwork, and skateboarding demonstrations by 518 Underground.

The current embodiment of the music festival debuted in 2019 with 68 musical acts on six stages in downtown Eau Gallie. Last year’s event was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

New this year: A second stage at Eau Gallie Square will feature children’s and teenage musicians from The Groove Shack, a Satellite Beach music school. Jazz ensembles from Kennedy Middle School, Viera High, Melbourne High and Eau Gallie High will also perform on this stage.

Steven Spencer, who sings with Sixty Foot Giant, co-hosts the Space Coast Music Festival.

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A festival pre-party begins at 6 p.m. on November 5 at Intracoastal Brewing Co. Musicians include Corey Kipps, Ian Soden with Jordain Farrell, Joules Rio, Sounds of Nebula and The Speed ​​Spirits.

Volunteers and potential suppliers can find more information at

The logo of the Space Coast Music Festival.

Space Coast Music Festival Calendar

Main Stage Against The Grain Tattoo (Eau Gallie Square, 1452 Highland Ave.)

Character Witness (noon), Wind Words (12:40 pm), Retro Rev (1:20), The Gangly Youth (2), Whisper to a Riot (2:40), Drifting Roots (3:20), Neptune’s Echo (4), Sixty Foot Giant (4:40), Paging Mr. Herman (5:25), The Easy Uzis (6:45), The Spring (7:30), Kristen Warren and the Brevard All-Stars ( 8:15)

Groove Shack Stage (Eau Gallie Square, 1452 Highland Ave.)

Kennedy Middle School jazz (12:25), Viera High jazz (1h05), Melbourne High jazz (1h45), Eau Gallie High jazz (2h25), Tomorrow’s Reign (3:45), The Groove Kids (4:25), Critical condition (5: 10), Deaf pedestrians (5:55), Nilah Lois (6:20)

Noxious Profit performs during the Space Coast Music Festival 2019 at Eau Gallie.

Intracoastal Brewing Co. (652 W. Eau Gallie Blvd.)

Ojo de Rojo (midi), Zeddemore (12:40), Anchors Up (1:20), Not (2), Vintage (2:40), Hogwaller (3:20), Final Girl (4), Chief Cherry Quintet (4:40), Skyclub (5:20), Driptones (6), Weep (6:40), Flo Motion (7:20), String Daddy (8), Tank Top (8:40), Dunies (9 : 20), John in a Strange Land (10), Tidal Theory (10:40)

Wickham Road Music Stage (Funky Dog Improv, 587 W. Eau Gallie Blvd.)

Jim Davidson (1:00 p.m.), Adam Bloom (1:25), Saint of Pine Hills (1:50), Kym Larsen (2:15), Joey Ferris (2:40), David DeBlois (3:05), Nolan Clagg (3:30), The Housing Crisis ( 3:55), Bill Frank (4:20), Mira Mudd (4:45), Bradley Rodriguez (5:10), Tina Eno (5:35), Lowell Everly (6), Paul Roub (6:25), Wes Hufnagel (6:50 a.m.), Malo Daniels (7:15 a.m.), M. Skylight (7:40 a.m.)

Crowds of spectators gather in Eau Gallie Square during the Space Coast Music Festival 2019.

Island Root Kava Stage (St. Clair Street, near Highland Avenue)

The Impressionist Party of America (12:15 pm), EeeTee (12:55), DL Serios (1:35), Best Supporting Actor (2:15), Deserted Will (2:55), Somber Mercy (3: 35), Sike! (4:15), Never End (4:55), Ektogasm (5:35), Iron Will (6:15), Positive Chaos (6:55), Coffin Culture (7:35)

Iron oak post / 6 storey depth (municipal parking lot at 1390 Highland Ave.)

Constant Throw (12:15), Trash Cinema (12:55), Fields of Saturn (1:35), Hott Mess (2:15),? Sorry? (2:55), Atlas (3:35), Skatter Brainz (4:15), Subculture Threat (4:55), Noxious Profit (5:35), Grimm Ghost (6:15), Laser Praiser (6: 55), Withering of the Earth (7:35)

Pineapple (1434 Pineapple Ave.)

Frank Rios Band (12:40), Scott Baker Band (1:20), Hometown Tourists (2), Slackadaisicals (2:40), Now or Nevers (3:20), Shelley Songer Group (4), Combobulators (4:40), Pocketshot (5: 20), Daniel Jude (6), Matterhorn (6:40), Dub-321 (7:20), Darien the Great (8)

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