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TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – The 2021 Taipei Jazz Festival will feature award-winning Taiwanese musicians and will be held for three consecutive weekends starting November 27.

The jazz festival will feature a total of 22 musical artists over a total of five days. The lineup includes rapper Soft Lipa, who won Best Mandarin Singer at this year’s Golden Melody Awards (GMA), and young Taiwanese R&B talent Whyte (also known as? Te), who was nominated. best new artist at GMA and famous for his catchy lo-fi music.

Hosted by Downtown Music founder Wang Si-yu (王斯禹), the concert series is expected to bring relaxing vibes to the audience. Three playlists created by the editors of Streetvoice will also help crowds relax, according to the Taipei City Department of Cultural Affairs.

The five-day event will kick off at Zhongcheng Park in Tianmu on November 27. Musical groups on this day include Jose Garcia Band, Sonus de Gaia and Groove Station. For the weekend of December 4, Whyte, Voice Traveler and Bazaar will perform in the Taipei Music Center Outer Square.

On the weekend of December 10, Soft Lipa, Roberto Zayas and R&B musician Julia Wu will perform at Daan Forest Park. In addition, musicians will play at each of the park’s four outings.

For more information, visit the Jazz Festival website Facebook.


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