The first annual LOTO Food Truck Festival will be held Sunday, October 24 from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Laurie Hillbilly Fairgrounds Food



It took a while for the lake area to amass enough food trucks to become a big enough gathering for a festival or food truck park. But Laurie City Parks and Recreation Director Donna Batliner has brought together the best of all the new emerging mobile restaurants to open over the past two years.

The first annual LOTO Food Truck Festival will take place on Sunday, October 24 from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. at the Laurie Hillbilly Fairgrounds Food Shack Pavilion. Not only will edibles on wheels be featured, but the event will have live music by local singer / songwriter Phillip Twitchell who released his second album, Elated. Twitchell has popped up in the lake area at Coconuts, Lucky’s, Regalia Hotel, Backwater Jacks, and Dog Days for their weekend live entertainment. His mellow brand of mellow, then powerful indie rock, blues, soul, funk is now playing on Bandcamp, YouTube, ReverbNation and AllMusic. Twitchell will sing and play from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. Live music will continue with Starla & Scotty from 4pm to 7pm. Award-winning Starla McQueen has been a star of the Lake District for many years. Nicknamed “The Queen of Swing”, his duet with Scotty Henderson brings a mix of country, classic rock, jazz, swing and blues. The two are well-known and widely-awarded artists in their own right, but together it’s pure magic, with Starla planting her big bass and Scotty on guitar.

Festival organizer Ashley Hays hopes the event is not just annual, but could be seasonal. Now is the perfect time to showcase local producers due to the shortage of supply lines nationwide as the holiday shopping season approaches, and bring together the best of what the lake has to offer. to offer in businesses too small to have their own stores, but which regularly offer their food and products. in the region’s agricultural markets, festivals and bazaars.

The event is free to the public for entertainment and music. The festival’s seasoned vendors promise lots of great food and shopping, as well as fun for the whole family.

Cafe Baristago

Shady’s hut

Shooby snacks

Fry Daddyzzz

Lemon on the rocks


Wicked tacos and moore

Redd’s Bar-BQ


Steaks from Lulu’s chefs

Amy’s Smoke Shack, LLC

Kim’s personalized creations

TEase 4 you

KL makeup

Troy’s flavored pecans

Scentsy by Mary Woody

Kay Bee Creations

Merciless fights

Wireless cricket

Directed by Mariah

The licorice guy

Backyard grill

Crazy mini clay creations

“Lilla Rose” by TinkerKillam

Jammin with Sam

Perfectly chic with Sarah

Photographic creations by Sarah

Street Color

Pure Romance Lotions

Soap Sisters

Happy mary


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