This Tucson Festival Is Ready To Feature Black Artists | Music

From left to right, MoLaflo, Aske, Cash Lansky, Zora Thomas, Pheo and Fiona Fenix. The six artists will perform at different events during the Black Renaissance festival.

Alanna Airitam

Performances featuring black artists based in southern Arizona, spanning spoken word, hip-hop, jazz and visual arts, will take place at venues around Tucson this month as part of the Black Renaissance festival.

The events, meant to coincide with Black History Month, will be the first to be held as part of the festival since early 2020, before the pandemic hit.

Festival founder and curator, musician Seanloui Dumas held no live events last year, opting instead to produce a series of podcasts and other forms of online content promoting black artists across the board. Arizona (you can hear the pods and get more details on upcoming events at

But Dumas, who launched the festival series in 2019, said people were eager to get back to live shows.

“That celebratory energy, the energy of coming together with one purpose, it’s something very electric,” he explained.

Among the planned activities:

A free spoken word event from 7-10 p.m., Saturday, February 12, at & Gallery, 419 N. Fourth Ave. The evening will feature several spoken word artists, including Larry Moore, Ms. Redd and headliner Zora Thomas.

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