Top 5 artists to see at Chicago’s Sacred Rose Music Festival

While the city of Chicago has to deal with absolutely miserable winters, it certainly has a lot to be thankful for in the summer. It is close to many major festivals in the Midwest (Summer Camp. Electric Forest, summer festival, Lolla, etc) which is a huge bonus. However, the town hosts a handful of its own events, including the new band Sacred Rose Music Festival (August 26-28)! When announced by Collective Present in March 2022, he took social media by storm. No one had heard of what was going on behind the scenes with the promoters who are also doing North Coast Music Festival, Hulaween, and more. And then the composition dropped. The artists who adorn this year’s line-up come from all walks of life and all varieties of musical genres.

In 2018, when we transformed the North Coast from a multi-genre festival to an all-electronic music event, we started imagining Sacred Rose and what it could mean for fans of Americana, Psych-rock , Jam, Indie, Soul, Funk and Bluegrass. “, said Sacred Rose founder, Michael Berg, ” Sacred Rose is the first festival of its kind in our region, and we are so proud to provide a special experience for our fans who have been patiently waiting for programming like this for long time. time.”

We highlight a few artists taking part in this historic inaugural gathering at Seat Geek Stadium who ALWAYS put on a show, no matter what festival they attend:

Andy Frasco and the UN

If you don’t follow Andy Frasco on social media, we highly recommend it. Waking up in a bad mood on a Monday? Andy has you. Need a little help and a laugh? Andy has you. Want to dance like a kid with uplifting beats and lyrics? Yes, you see the pattern. Andy Frasco and the UN have been on the move for many years, even hitting the stages of Electric Forest back then. Fresh off a new album not too long ago, Andy and the band members are ready to have some fun in the sun and get Sacred Rose Saturday off to a great start!


If you haven’t heard of SunSquabi yet, let’s change that. At this year’s Electric Forest, the stage was slammed with Forest Fam. They almost have a cult following and rightly so! The three-piece ensemble have worked with many EDM artists and are very close friends with Griz.

“There is a place, deep in the cosmos, where jam bands and electronic dance music intersect with rhythmic funk. You’ll feel like you’re floating here, but not completely lost in the atmospheric elements. Instead, you’re tethered to a vanguard spacecraft with Colorado-based SunSquabi on the frequency. This cosmic wonderland is a melting pot of diverse musical genres and represents the future of music.

McGee of Umphrey

It makes sense that Umphrey’s is on this range! The legendary group has had deep roots all over Chicago since its debut. After the members met in South Bend, Indiana, they have since resumed performing. The band inspired by jam, funk rock and jazz fusion always bring fans from all over and put on one hell of a show. Good friends with The String Cheese, expect lasers at this one for sure!


If you want to see what makes STS9 so lineup-worthy, just check out the “Festival Appearances” section on their Wikipedia page. If you don’t fancy heading to the page, it takes a few decent scrolls to scroll through the list of shows they’ve played during their career which began in 1998. They’re a purely instrumental band that incorporates EDM, funk, jazz, D&B, hip-hop, etc. Expect their 2 hour set to play out in the best possible way!

Disco Cookies

Last but not least, we have The Disco Biscuits! If the word “disco” hasn’t already sold you, the story of their sound will. All band members each had genres they enjoyed (psychedelic rock, electronic music, soul, blues, jazz and classical music). So they decided to merge everything together and call their style “trance fusion”; a little trance with the instrumentation and conventions of a live jam band with guitar, bass, keyboards, etc. Together with the other artists in the lineup, they have traveled the world with their music – this set is going to be extremely special!

Check out the full lineup below! Our top 5 only scratches the surface of the truly curated range.

Range of sacred roses

Take a look at the Sacred Rose website for all the info! There will be so much to explore over the full 3 days. Last year Collectiv hosted North Coast at the Bridgeview site and it was a huge success. Just 30 minutes from town, it’s easy to get to and has ample parking and carpooling areas. However, as with any event, planning is good.

Pro tip: check out the laser dome!

While there’s plenty of room to sit on the padded grass and lounge areas, there’s nothing like a change of scenery that can keep you refreshed throughout the hours of music. This is where the Laser Dome comes in! It is a fully air-conditioned dome with chairs and cushions for relaxing. And, you guessed it, non-stop psychedelic laser shows will take place while you relax with friends. In addition, a fourth stage will be set up inside which will host funky DJ sets. The lineup for that is below!

Again, we’ve barely scratched the surface of everything happening August 26-28 in Bridgeview, IL. Tickets are still available – check out all the options here! It’s going to be a lot of fun!

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