William Owen Haverfordwest organizes a beer festival

A BEER festival will soon grace the capital which will include vegan, gluten-free and exclusively brewed beers.

A range of real ales, including three from overseas brewers, will be available at William Owen in Haverfordwest during its 12-day Real Ale Festival.

Foreign brewers come from Australia, the United States and Italy. There are also beers from Orkney and Jersey.

A number of beers will also be available in the pub for the first time, including some brewed especially for the festival.

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As well as offering a range of different varieties of malt and hops from around the world, there are also beers that include cherries, spices and rye in their ingredients.

The festival lineup includes Rooster’s Tenderfoot, Sambrook’s Tomahawk, Orkney Dragonhead, Terrapin Jazz (USA), Vale Jekyll and Hyde, Birrificio Foglie D’Erba Hot Night at the Village (Italy), Batemans Beast from the East, JW Lees Malt Crush and Young Henrys Real Ale (Australia).

Pub manager Jonathan Blayney said: “The festival is a big celebration of real ale.

“This will allow us to showcase a selection of great beers over a 12 day period, at great prices.”

The William Owen will host the festival from Wednesday March 30 to Sunday April 10.

Customers will be able to enjoy three third-pint beers for the price of a pint.

Beers will cost £2.10 a pint. Tasting notes on all beers will be available in the pub as well as on the Wetherspoon app.

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